Saturday, February 18, 2017

The wine-dark sea

This new(ish) work for winds and percussion by John Mackey is based on three episodes from Homer's Odyssey. The first movement "Hubris" is a big exciting portrait of Odysseus and crew setting off boldly... and being shipwrecked. The second movement "Immortal thread, so weak" is the love story of Odysseus and Calypso. I think it's my favorite. I'm currently in rehearsal waiting on pins and needles for the harpist to arrive. It's primarily a magical duet for harp and clarinet and I can't wait. The third movement "The attentions of souls" is about the crew's journey to the mouth of the underworld. I'm happy to be a percussion instrument in this movement because we get to do all kinds of spooky things.

It's my first time playing Mackey, my first time playing at Dartmouth, and it had been too long since I last played in the percussion section of a big ensemble. It's awesome. If you're in the area, come join us in Spaulding Auditorium, Dartmouth College (Hanover NH) at 2pm tomorrow Sunday Feb 19.