Monday, February 1, 2016

Night Spirit WIP recording #1 (add your feedback!) - Fauré Barcarolle no. 4 in A flat major

I am preparing some music for a new album called Night Spirit.
It is music that follows the quiet, melancholy, strange, and vulnerable path of a thoughtful heart at night. Debussy, Coleridge Taylor, Shostakovich (pending getting the rights), Beethoven, Harizanos, Chopin, Fauré and hymn improvisations.

I am sharing some work-in-progress recordings in the hopes that others will find this music interesting and share their thoughts and feedback!

(These WIPs are home recordings made on a tablet. The album will be recorded in a studio by a professional engineer.)


  1. This is lovely! I'm a big Faure fan and you do this piece justice!

    But, your poor piano! Oh please have it tuned (and maybe voiced too!)! You and the piano deserve it!

  2. Thank you for the kind comments Ann!

    Don't worry, the piano is tuned regularly. I should probably be better about coordinating tunings with video-making!